We are a communication agency/showroom based in New York and focused on public relations in the United States and worldwide. Our task is to bring attention to your brand through top celebrities, influencers and media. 

Want to get more? Not a question. For more than 10 years of worldwide experience in fashion & show business our team got all the tools at hand to execute additional projects for you at all the timelines and budgets: lookbooks, e-commerce, campaign full-circle production, events and even education.

Our company works with fashion, lifestyle and personal brands of any scale and develops the services individually for each. 

We provide:

  • placement in PR showroom, communication with leading stylists and media in the US and worldwide, celebrity appearances

  • photoshoot styling and production including commercials, lookbooks, social media content

  • business tours and fashion week access

  • consulting

  • brand development and sales

  • fashion education